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ParaTransit Service

Paratransit is a specialized, door-to-door transport service for people with disabilities who are not able to ride fixed-route public transportation. This may be due to an inability to:

  • board, ride or disembark independently from any readily accessible vehicle on the regular fixed-route system
  • access existing accessible fixed-route transportation because that transportation is not available at the needed time on that route
  • get to boarding/alighting locations of regular public transportation
Our service operates for qualified individuals under the ADA guidelines.

This scheduled service requires a 24 hour in advance notice, but scheduling exceptions can be made as can be accomodated. Service will generally be provided from 6:30am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00am - 4:30pm, Saturdays and Holidays.

Information about the ADA complaint process is available here. To file an ADA complaint, please fill out this form.

The Notice of the Right to Appeal a discrimination complaint is also available to view here.